1 Top surgery Centers and Hospitals

2 Leading technology

3 Highly trained and accredited doctors

4 Customized treatments

5 Comprehensive personalized care

6 Affordable prices

7 Added value (tourism-relax)

Spain offers a wide variety of first class medical treatments.


Our medical infrastructure and technology are the highest ranked within the European Community.


Doctors and treatments are internationally recognized as some of the best in their specialties.


Spain has a lot to offer as a tourism destination and receives over 40 million tourists per year.


As a destination, it combines an offer of sun, beaches, snow, mountain, historical cities and cultural enrichment.


Tourism in Spain (with direct and indirect revenue generation) is the highest contributor in percentage to our GDP.


Within the last few decades billions of euros have been and are still being invested in this industry ensuring for Spain a modern and complete infrastructure (transports, highways, hotels, public services for tourists …etc.).


For the same reason, the majority of our population is educated in cultural diversity acceptance and the practice of a second language (most likely English) is rather common.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the Capital of Spain offering a wide cultural, monumental and leisure agenda.