We collaborate with spas and wellness centers where you can make programs that benefit your health.


The indications of Hot Springs are highly beneficial and have different effects on the human body. Some authors divide them into three, biological, physical and chemical, although in reality all act at the same time.


Wellness packages are made in tourist complexes composed of 4 * hotels where a program is prepared according to the client's demand, which includes thermal gallery, hydrological doctors, physiotherapists, active spa areas and in specific cases rehabilitation areas.


Its location is surrounded by sun, nature and relaxation. It is the perfect program for a week of vacations looking after your health.

These programs are indicated for treatments of:

  • Relax

  • Detox

  • Rheumatology

  • Dermatological

  • Respiratory

  • Funcional Functional rehabilitation after knee or hip surgery

  • Arthritis - Osteoarthritis

  • Physical therapy and functional recovery

  • Beauty, facial and body treatments (chocolate, honey, collagen masks ...)

They can also be supplemented with some sporting activity such as Golf.

Thermal Waters = Health

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