Ophtalmology in Spain

Ophthalmology in Spain is one of the most advanced in the world. Our specialists are recognized worldwide.


Cataracts, Refractive Surgery (Myopia, Astigmatism, Hyperopia), Presbyopia Surgery, Glaucoma, Corneal Transplants, Retina, Oculoplastic are the most demanded subspecialties.


Ophthalmology is one of the most demanded specialties in Spain for the ease that has for combining the surgery with the tourist activity.

  • Cataracts with Monofocal and Multifocal lens

  • Refractive Surgery with Femtosecond Laser

  • Lamellar and Penetrant Corneal Transplants

  • ICL for high and toric myopia

  • Glaucoma with Valves and devices

  • Blepharoplasty with ophthalmologic technique

  • Treatment of Keratoconus


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